Qik App – Tooltips

Qik was a video messaging service by Skype. The service, offered for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, allows users to exchange video messages between individuals or within a group. 

personality & joy  

Qik is all about joyfulness and in order to translate that feeling into the app we created little, quirky characters which will pop-up during different stages within the app. 

In total we created 6 scenarios for the tooltip pop-ups to enrich the experience. 

looping fun

Supporting and translating with a visual, the copy was a great way to help bring our qik identity to life.
Creating each animation was a lot of fun and it added a lot value to the app experience.

Microsoft Skype

My Role
Senior Motion Designer

Design Lead
Antonio Pedro Rezende

Designer & Illustrator
Soramist Chintanamanus